Straight muscleboy Daniel is proud of his body and wants everyone to enjoy it too so he's doing modelling on the side. His gym training has made him used to pain but his modelling work so far hasn't really challenged him. He's been hoping to put himself through Breeder Fuckers for some time and now we can give him the full treatment he craves. It's tough on the lad but he really pushes himself.
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Tied to a table, sexual anatomy prodded and examined, balls tied, anus fingered deep making his hole gape open, fucked with a dildo on a stick, arse pounded till he releases gaseous farts, mouth gagged, long foreskin tugged and clamped, fucked and caned, cock stimulated with a vibrator till he grows a firm erection, milked of all his sperm.

Daniel awaits his performance review while in his full sports kit. He's ordered up on the table and tied down so the big dumb stud can't buck or pull away during his examination. With clinical detachment his superiors excruciatingly embarrass the sportsmen by discussing his sexual habits and arsehole resistance all the while prodding and handling his genitals. They cut away his tight shorts to reveal his big hairy arse perfectly framed by a sweaty jock strap. Upon consideration his arsehole is far too tight for a rugby player. They want him to be ready to receive a fucking from even the biggest lads on the team.

First they slide bare fingers up his smooth sphincter yanking and pulling until the resistant muscle gradually widens. He's ready for a big thick one so his arse is rhythmically pounded with a large dildo till his arsehole is splayed wide open. It pushes so deep inside him his bowels release great clouds of pent up gas. Daniel is protesting so annoyingly the men silence him by taping up his mouth. Driving the dildo even further in his lesson taught with a good stern caning to stripe his arse. Now to deal with his uncontrollable sex drive. His unwieldy sex organ is tugged and manipulated with a vibrator till his cock is fully engorged. His dick is stroked insistently while his arse is filled with the dildo so he creates a mental connection between being penetrated and ejaculating. He's milked fully so his enormous balls release sperm all over the table. Immediately after ejaculation his glans are raw and highly sensitive but the men keep stroking his cock to make the athlete moan piteously. He's ordered to return to his teammates with a sore penis and a fully widened arsehole.


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