MAURICE - 9 Sessions  |  2hrs 46mins 1sec  |  955 Images

Our arrogant, homophobic mate needs to be taught a lesson...

Mo is one of those cocksure men who struts through life genuinely believing that he's God's gift to women. The straight Scottish lad chases pussy everywhere he goes, constantly boasts of banging several chicks at once, and loves to sexually degrade them and treat them like shit.

Hanging out with Mo at the bowling alley, and watching him wash his car, we eye up his superbly fit body when he's not looking. Mo really, really can't stand to have "queers" looking at him... but luckily he'd never suspect his three mates are "gay bastards."

Despite his egotistical attitude though, Mo's unemployed and broke - which isn't surprising when he acts as though female interviewers should give him the job just so he can fuck them. We've been dropping hints about making bags of money as stuntmen for movies - and this gullible prick is falling for our bait...

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SESSION ONE 12 mins 52 sec  |  125 images
Tied up 'as stunt practice', groped and stripped, punched, flogged, made to wank me, fingerfucked and nipple pegged...

Soon after we've told him of our stunt training project, conceited straight Maurice turns up on our doorstep, brazenly assuming we'll give him work just because he can do a couple of gymnastic moves. But I'm not impressed. What we really need to know, I tell him, is that he can get free from 'simple rope ties'. He falls for it... within minutes we've got him trussed up tightly - and as we begin to seriously invade his personal space, he's getting more uncomfortable by the second. As Stan feels up his muscular chest, I take a pair of scissors and without ceremony, begin cutting off his shirt. It's slowly dawning on Mo that this is not a stunt, it's not a game, we're not going to let him free. And as we maul his nipples and grope his dick, he starts to realise that we might not actually be straight after all. But all his struggling and shouting for help gets Mo nowhere. I punch him in the guts before taking a flogger to his pale Scottish skin, each hit making him leap and grunt in helpless anger and pain. I yank his pants up high to expose his firm round buttocks for Stan to hit too, before stripping him totally naked and toying with his thick, heavy cock and balls. By now, Mo's in hell, willing to do anything to make the pain and naked humiliation stop. He has to do whatever he's told, even wanking my cock through my jeans, following my verbal orders to run his hands up and down my shaft and make it feel fucking good. It's obvious he's never touched a cock before in his life, so I help motivate him by wrenching his ears back while giving him more commands. Now I've got an aching hardon, and I just want to get my hands on that tight little virgin arse of his. We bend him over, spread his creamy cheeks, and I ram my finger straight into his hole, giving him a long, hard fingerfucking as he screams the place down, howling for help at the top of his voice. But we've hardly even got started punishing this swaggering straight twat yet... there's far worse to come.

SESSION TWO 9 mins 48 sec  |  94 images
Whipped on the arse and thighs, with feet painfully yanking nipple clamps, extreme tickling, soles of feet cropped hard...

We've put angry straight lad Mo in one of our cruellest bondage predicaments yet - cock and balls pegged all over, and nipples viciously clamped and tied to his toes, raising his legs up in a horribly strenuous position - and keeping them there. Every muscle in his legs and abs soon begins to throb from the stress of holding his own feet up, for fear of causing his nipples even more pain. But this isn't enough for a pair of sadists like us. To speed up his suffering to those peak levels which really stiffen our dicks, we pick up our whips and begin caning the cunt so hard that his pale arse instantly starts to turn a bright shade of red. At first, Mo instinctively jerks away as the pain intensifies - but every movement he makes gives his tender nipples an agonising wrench. Mo quickly learns the hard way that he has to lie there and fucking take every nasty stroke. When Mo's arse is a throbbing pink, we start whipping his lean, untouched thighs. His screams get even more desperate and his firm white thighs rapidly redden - but we show no mercy, no matter how much the cunt begs, until his entire arse and legs are striped and sore. But we want to see those pec cherries put through some proper fucking abuse - so I begin a new regime of misery for our helpless straight lad to get him moving those feet about... severe tickle torment. As our jabbing, probing fingers begin to tickle Mo's ribs, pits and waist, he spasms and writhes, his screams reaching fever pitch. He has no control whatsoever over his movements - and each involuntary jerk of his legs almost rips the clamps right off his nips. For a laugh, we offer Mo a choice - we'll stop tickling him if he wants to be caned instead. Instantly he's pleading to be punished - clearly the tickling is the worst of the two evils. So we up the stakes - whipping is a hell of a lot nastier when it's on the sensitive soles of the feet! We each lay down a series of whacks on Mo's naked soles, eliciting cry after cry of pure raw agony from the anguished lad. What Mo is quickly learning is that when we stop a punishment, it doesn't mean his suffering is over. It means it's about to get worse.

SESSION THREE 13 mins 57 sec  |  120 images
Fingerfucked, flogged, anally electrocuted, buttplugged, caned, jerked off and fed his own cum

With Mo's legs held wide open, and his vulnerable arsehole on full display, it would be a total waste not to make this a living nightmare for him. I intend to plunge Mo into a state of all encompassing agony in this horribly exposed position. I start the cunt off with a mean flogging - warming that rear end up for the upcoming torments, and getting him wriggling and yelping in fear and pain. Then, without warning, I ram a couple of fingers straight up his tight little arsehole and begin viciously stabbing it in and out, fingerfucking him hard and fast as he yells his head off at the anal invasion. With his hole all stretched and sensitive, it's perfectly primed for an excruciating electric shock. I charge up the cattle prod, savour the sound of the arrogant straight lad reduced to garbled begging, then jab the prod directly into his twitching sphincter. The resultant scream and desperate unsuccessful struggling makes my cock as stiff as a brick - so I electrocute the fucker again just to be cruel. Now Mo's suitably subdued and terrified, I stuff a hard buttplug up his sore arsehole and fuck him with it just to watch his agonized face - then I firmly tie the plug in place so he can't push it out. But horny as this looks, I decide Mo's rear end needs a few well placed stripes - so I deliver an impromptu caning to satisfy my sadistic aesthetic urges. Then I yank and twist his nipples and clamp tight pegs onto them, taking his distress to a whole new level. As Mo's physical suffering reaches its miserable peak, I begin phase two - physical humiliation. I take my Hitachi wand and apply it to the buttplug filling his hole. The powerful vibrations ramsack his entire rear end, with the uninvited stimulation of his prostate slowly beginning to harden his helpless cock. I roughly grab his dick and jerk it into life as Mo flails and moans, unable to resist the intense sensations, his own body betraying him, working towards orgasm against his will. Suddenly, Mo's spurting cum all over himself - and Stan brutally yanks his mouth open and holds it in place, with Mo's contorted face registering utter horror and disgust as gobs of his own hot spunk fly towards his face. His jaw still held wide, I scoop up every drop of Mo's fresh cum and cram it all into his unwilling mouth, wiping my fingers clean on his gagging tongue. Mo will never be able to escape the utter trauma of this moment - naked and plugged, made to orgasm by two blokes, and fed his own semen. No matter how many girls he fucks in future, he'll never feel truly feel straight again.

SESSION FOUR 10 mins 21 sec  |  97 images
Made to give me a handjob while being shocked, then fucked and covered in cum...

Normally when I use a helpless straight man for my own sexual pleasure, I like to jump right in there and use their fuckholes, ploughing into them and enjoying every inch of their resistant, struggling bodies. But with homophobic, arrogant Mo, I've decided a more subtle torment is in order - I'm going to make him actively attempt to satisfy me, putting every ounce of miserable effort into attempting to make me cum. Because if he doesn't... the painful fucking he'll get will be a hundred times worse. Using the threat of the fiendish electric collar to spur him into action, I order Mo to wank my hard cock, giving him a series of shocks when he hesitates. But this reluctant straight is pathetic. Fumbling at my dick, he whines that he's not gay, he doesn't know how. Disgusted at touching another man's body, Mo's barely willing to get a decent grip on my prick, let alone masturbate it - he needs to be given some serious motivation. I shove my finger into his arse and brutally ram it in and out, giving the cunt a taste of what's to come if he doesn't get me off by hand. Mo flinches and howls through his gag, his hole tightly clamped around my finger, making my dick throb at the thought of what he'll feel like to fuck. I give Mo one more chance to use his hand to make me come. He clumsily pulls at my cock as I shout orders and electrocute him - Harder! ZAP! Faster! ZAP! Not like that, you lazy shit! ZAP! With each shock, Mo gets more desperate, aware that I'm losing patience and gearing up to use his arse instead. But no matter how hard Mo tries to get me off, his inexpert, blundering efforts just aren't good enough. He'll never know for sure whether I intended to fuck him all along - but it's too late now. I brusquely push him away - and without ceremony, I slam my rock hard dick into his clenched arsehole. The pain on Mo's face, and his muffled screams, spur me on as I bang away at his amazing rear - with each thrust making him buckle and flinch in pain. The sweat drips off Mo's brow, mingling with the tears rolling down his cheeks, as I get close to orgasm. I shove his face down, and swiftly bring myself off - spurting jets of cum all over his wretched face. To seal the humiliation, I ungag the twat and slap his spunk covered face until he obeys me and stammers out "Thankyou for fucking me Sir." Who says straight guys can't be taught some proper manners?

SESSION FIVE 14 mins 17 sec  |  99 images
Tied down for the fucking machine with an agonising ball weight, made to suck dick while being flogged, made to rim hairy arsehole, then pissed on...

Tied down on all fours like an animal, oiled up, with a bit in his mouth and a dildo sliding in and out of his arse, Mo is objectified to the max. The fucking machine pistons back and forth, eliciting deeply pained groans from Mo, trapped in place, with no choice but to accept each stroke plunging in and out of his throbbing hole. Freely fondling his most sensitive parts before tightly binding his cock and balls, I point out to Mo that his dick is dripping with precum. The humiliation makes him visibly cringe and moan in shame - his treacherous genitals betraying his usual reaction to sexual stimulus, despite having already been milked once. As I ungag Mo, he spits in my face and swears at me. This young man is angry, but he's going to learn his lesson soon enough. Mo helplessly looks on in dismay as I clip a bucket to his ball rope, and he begins begging frantically as I lower three heavy packets of sugar into it. To avoid yet another weight on his balls, and sobbing incoherently, Mo is made to beg to suck my dick, which is now visibly tenting my jeans. With Mo's open but unwilling mouth at my disposal, I make him lick all round the head of my cock before ramming it so far down his throat that he gags. But Mo still isn't trying hard enough, so Stan takes a flogger and spanks his naked arse, providing some extra painful motivation for Mo's cocksucking lesson. Convulsing and gagging, Mo tries to pull his head off my rock hard dick, but I shove him back down on it, choking him, drool and spit all over his red face as I shove his mouth all the way to the hilt, again and again. With my prick still achingly hard, I turn round and shove my hairy arsehole right into Mo's resistant face. Stan holds his head firmly in place and we bark out orders for him to lick my hole, get his tongue right up my arse. I feel his unwilling tongue probing into my anus, and I pull his head tightly into my buttocks while Mo's miserable groans throb pleasurably around my sphincter. Rimming another man's arse has degraded Mo to tears, but it's not over yet - we're going to leave him like this for a good long while, and we want him to be extra miserable when we're gone. And what could be worse than being covered in smelly piss, head to toe, unable to do a thing about it? One by one, we both piss all over Mo, the urine running in streams all over his shiny, oiled body, making him cringe and whimper, his face a picture of angry humiliation. Whether we let him go or not, Mo will never be the same arrogant alpha male again.

SESSION SIX 35 mins 34 sec  |  111 images
Tied up Mo is discovered by cruel cop, who strips him naked, systematically punishes his nipples, plugs and tapes up his arsehole, and spanks the shit out of him with whips and paddles

I know Mo's tied up in the derelict pub. My sadistic cohorts have given me the keys, handing him over to my tender mercies, laughing over how much I'm about to fuck with his head before extracting my pleasure. I pull up outside the pub, sirens blaring. I can hear Mo's muffled cries as I kick open the door... he's tied up, his neck craned to look at me, panic and relief on his face as he sees it's not his tormentors, but a policeman, come to rescue him!

I fix the helpless lad with a professional, detached eye. Of course, he demands to be untied, so he can help me catch the bastards who did this to him. But I have other plans. I ask him what happened, exactly what these "queers" did to him. Mo tells me about the spanking, the bondage, the pain he's suffered... but when I probe him about the sexual use he's been subjected to, he's reluctant to go into detail. I inform the traumatised lad that it's extremely important that I know... and he chokes up the story of how he was fucked. My cock stiffens as I hear the shame and fear in his voice. I place my hand on his firm arm, strained and aching from being held tight in the ropes. Mo stiffens with discomfort at my invasive touch. I don't bother holding back once he's realised I'm not even a real cop. I roughly strip him naked, cutting off his football kit, groping every inch of his magnificent body. I gag him with several wraps of duct tape, muffling his terrified, angry shouts. I've heard about how sensitive Mo's nipples are, so with his chest so helplessly exposed, I focus my attentions on the tender, vulnerable little nubs. Mo squirms furiously at my touch, but a long, hard pinch and twist of his tits soon has him under control. I use a small vacuum device to cruelly suck up each nipple tip in turn, before sharply twirling them round, producing an exquisitely agonising reaction. When both nipples are fully sensitised and sore, I apply the clamps. Full control and obedience. Perfect. Time to pry open and full up that straight arsehole. Shoving a finger up there, I feel inside his reluctant arse - he's still tight as hell. Amazing, after what my mates have put him through. I ram a massive buttplug into his arse, as he inhales heavily and moans in agony through the gag. With his guts plundered and stretched to their limit, I feel Mo trying to push the heavy plug out of his arse. So I duct tape it firmly in place, jamming it all the way inside. But I haven't even unleashed my truly sadistic urges yet. Grabbing a selection of floggers, crops, paddles and straps, I proceed to spank the hapless straight lad until his screams can be heard even through the tight gag. He whirls around, dances in his ropes, does all he can to attempt evasion of the merciless rain of blows falling onto his muscular arse, but to no avail. His cheeks quickly turn a deep crimson as I thrash him, and with each tool increasing in severity, Mo tries more and more desperately to escape.So I tie his cock and balls into a painful little package, leash it to the wall, and spread and tie his legs apart too. Let's see him move now. There's nowhere for Mo to run as I attack him with the final, heaviest paddle and strap. The lad is mine to do with as I please. And I intend to use him harder than he's ever been used before.

SESSION SEVEN 10 mins 13 sec  |  78 images
Given a cold enema, buttplugged to keep it all in, made to suck my cock and lick my arse until he pukes, made to swallow my cum before being allowed to expel the painful enema

Cowed and shaking after being thrashed and left hanging, Mo's pleading and whimpering as I finally let his aching arms down from the ceiling. But this isn't a break for the little fucker. I throw him onto his back and grab a pail of cold soapy water from behind the bar. Time to clean the cunt out. I thrust the nozzle of the enema bottle deep inside him, and squirt several loads of water in, one after the other, as the helpless straight twat moans in pain, his guts cramping and expanding to the limit. But instead of succumbing to his begging for me to let him expel the water, I just laugh and shove a huge round buttplug up there. Mo has no choice but to hold it all in - I don't care if his arse is "about to explode." I decide to take my pleasure from the wretched lad while he's utterly desperate - I lie down and demand a decent blowjob, with proper suction and tongue action. Miserable Mo does as he's told - he has no choice - if he ever wants to let the water out of his bulging stomach, he'd better make me happy. I shove his head right down on my dick until he almost chokes on his own bile, with the unwelcome erection thrust all the way down his convulsing throat. With Mo's puke on my balls, I make him lick all the way down my perenium and eat out my arsehole - and with no other options, and tears in his eyes, Mo begins rimming and sucking my sphincter, obeying my commands to get his tongue right into the hole. I'm finally ready to shoot, and I throw him onto his back, get his mouth wide open, and spunk right up his nose and onto his unwilling tongue. The stupid fucker even reluctantly swallows the milky mess, an expression of total sickness and disgust etched onto his handsome face. I remove the plug, but Mo's relief is mixed with yet more humiliation - I only allow him to squirt out the anal water over a bucket, making him crouch there naked on a leash, like some kind of animal, uncomfortable jets of water coming out of his arse as he moans with misery. I just laugh, plotting even more sadistic torments for this broken, helpless fucker.

SESSION EIGHT 22 mins 51 sec  |  106 images
Made to put on a webcam show, whipped when he isn't being sexy enough, made to fuck himself as he wanks for the audience, then ordered to suck Reuben's cock

Completely my captive, Mo has no choice but to obey me when I demand a he puts on a sexy webcam show - he thinks I'll let him go if he does as he's told. I turn on the camera for the online fans and order Mo to show us his tight little arse. But he's not quick enough to obey - I have to lash him with my flogger. I put Mo through his paces, telling him to stroke his crack, tug at his pubes, and squeeze agonisingly hard on his own balls. His face says it all - cringing in pain, he falters, trying not to hurt himself too much, but a few whacks from me soon sets him back on track. Soon, Mo is reluctantly showing off every inch of his cock and arse, as I make him bend over and yank his dick back between his legs. But the cunt's still not trying hard enough to look sexy as he does it, so I put him over my knee and spank the shit out of him, making him rear up and yell in humiliation and pain. The viewers want more. I make Mo spread his legs wide and expose his anus, while wanking his pathetic straight dick. He obeys, his face a picture of shame as I hand him a vibrator to shove into his hole as he fondles his cock. When it's in, I tell Mo to fuck himself with it, slide it in and out, as the vibrations make his whole body shake and wince. But the stupid twat can't even do that right, and pulls the vibe out of his arse without my say so. I punish him by making him apologise to the viewers and presenting him with an even bigger toy, which he has to push into his sore rectum and pretend to enjoy. Mo, however, can't do this right either, and needs to be flogged and taught a seriously painful lesson. I cover the bastard's nipples and nuts with some cruelly tight pegs, which grip his tits like a vice and make him howl with agony, especially when I grab his hand and make him squeeze the pegs hard and play with them himself. Being made to cause his own pain is clearly just as nasty than me doing it for him. Seeing Mo in such a state has got me throbbing, and the viewers want more. Mo looks miserably horrified as I whip out my cock - he knows the inevitable is coming. I shove it down his gob, make him lick it, tongue my balls, suck my shaft in and out, looking at the camera while he does so. I fuck his face leisurely, enjoying the feeling of his hot, wet mouth, so unwilling, yet so pleasurable. The viewers are satisfied - this particular show is over for now - but Mo's public service has only just got going...

SESSION NINE 33 mins 30 sec  |  125 images
Mo is made to lick strangers' shoes clean, suck all our cocks, lick out our sweaty arseholes in turn, and swallow pints of our piss, before being made to eat three loads of cum

Arrogant straight Mo has been completely broken by our unrelenting abuse and control. In the pub's back room, I shove him toward two anonymous strangers, and give him his orders. He's going to be their toy. And he's going to have to beg for the privilege. With a jerk on his leash and a couple of hard slaps, I make Mo plead to lick the men's shoes. I pin him down with my boot as he laboriously cleans each shoe with his tongue, cringing at the bitter taste of grubby leather. We make him spread his arsecheeks wide and kiss the shoes, even placing reluctant kisses on the filthy soles. His body aches as he scrambles to please us, while we just laugh and kick him around the floor, making him chase our feet. Mo's humiliation, the sight of his muscular body grovelling around on the ground, has made the strangers eager for more. As they stare down at him, their trousers bulging, I order Mo to beg to suck their cocks. It takes a few smacks for him to beg respectfully enough, with his voice quavering, but finally he gets it right, and is rewarded with one man's dick in his unwilling but accepting mouth. The brutal, impatient men take no shit from this cocksucker. Every time the pathetic straight cocksucker slows his pace, they punish him with a slap - he has to be eager for their meat. We even demand Mo apologises when he gags on the rampant pricks as they are crammed down his choking gullet. I tell the unhappy chap to please all three of us at the same time - he'll be punished if any one of our dicks go soft. Mo has to look up into our eyes as he blows us, and somehow coordinate his hands to keep the other two pricks stiff at the same time. The clumsy hetero lad ends up with tears in his eyes and slap marks all over his body as he desperately tries to satisfy us all. I yank him up and we all thrust our hard dicks into his gaping mouth at the same time, before making him lap at all three bellends at once, all our cocks insistently poking at his miserable red face, covering him with his own slime. But I intend to have this stupid cunt pleasure our bodies in every way, and I'm not satisfied with just a blowjob. After making Mo beg to rim us, we all bare our arses - Mo has to shove his face into each scented, hairy crack in turn, and lick out our sweaty holes. Unable to breathe anything but our dirty arses, Mo gags as we make him get his tongue all the way up into our anuses. All Mo can do is frantically munch each hole, in an effort to end this relentless nightmare. By the time he's rimmed us all to our satisfaction, Mo is gasping for air, his entire face aching. Smirking, I offer him a drink, and he gratefully asks for some water. But I didn't mean water - I meant piss. Our piss. Mo has no choice but to plead for a drink of urine, but that doesn't stop me punishing him for his expression of repulsion. As the first cock lets forth a stinking jet of piss directly into his mouth, Mo's face crumples, but he keeps his mouth obediently open, choking the urine down gulp by gulp. His toes curl in disgust as we all piss into his mouth at once, causing him to almost puke on himself. When Mo has swallowed down all our piss, we give him his final reward - three heavy loads of cum for him to swallow, adding to the churning pints of urine in his stomach. Trembling, soaking wet and almost vomiting, Mo cleans off every one of our spermy dicks, having gulped down all our loads. His transformation to sex whore is complete.