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SERGEI - 5 Sessions  |  56mins 09secs  |  695 Images

After losing money gambling, Sergei's looking for a new career as a model. But this pretty boy doesn't stay pristine for long. Stripped naked, anal whipping, sucking cock in the stocks, vibro-torment and cbt, and a mouthful of hot piss.

Pubs are the perfect hunting ground for finding sexy straight boys to use and abuse. Men are more suggestible after a couple of drinks, and we work our way round the pub finding a guy gullible enough to fall for our modelling offer...

The first guy shies away when I get too close, but Del soon snares a stunning lad in a suit, playing folornly on a slot machine.

Turns out Sergei lost all his money gambling, and in his depressed state, he's vulnerable to any suggestion as to how to turn his luck around.

It's the oldest trick in the book (well - our book, anyway). We tell Sergei we own a modelling agency, and he totally believes us. But of course he has to come back to our 'studio' for a 'shoot', first...

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SESSION ONE 14 mins 10 sec  |  172 images
Conned into 'bondage modelling', ordered to strip under duress, flogged, nipple tortured, fingerfucked and hung by an anal hook.

Sergei is eager to earn money from modelling, so he complies with our request for topless shots, as we tell him that doing what photographers want is the key to success. But when I hint at a more kinky theme, his shyness gets the better of him... until I tell him about all the hot women and fast cash he'll be getting. I make Sergei believe it's just a bit of fun with ballgags and rope... until he's suddenly taken way beyond his limits, with no end in sight, and no choice but to obey. Del orders Sergei to strip, and lashes mercilessly at his helpless bound body with a flogger as he struggles out of his clothes. We grope his cock and balls, torture his sensitive nipples and enhance his humiliation by making him stagger around on his knees. Despite his disgust, Sergei is made to wank our hard cocks through our trousers, before I ram my finger up his arse and give him a fast and hard anal probing. However, this doesn't even begin to prepare Sergei for the horrors of being hung by an anal hook on a winch. As he balances on his tiptoes, every tiny movement is punished by a pang of pain in his sphincter... and there's no getting away.

SESSION TWO 7 mins 29 sec  |  102 images
Spread wide, held down and beaten mercilessly on his cheeks and hole as he screams his head off...

With a boy this beautiful, there's no better way to spank him than spread over our knees, his squirming body helplessly held in place by our strong arms. It's somehow more humiliating than tying him down. The first few hard slaps produce a series of pitiful cries from Sergei, but when we pick up our implements, he really starts to bawl. As we take turns beating him with a heavy leather flogger, the miserable boy makes as much noise as he can - hoping we'll go easy on him. Screaming at the top of his voice, he's obviously never been in this much pain before in his life... he can't even articulate actual begging. By the time I grab the wooden paddle and start laying into his reddened cheeks with that, Sergei's voice, hoarse from crying out over and over again, takes on a strangled, desperate sound as his arse takes blow after agonising blow. A thin riding crop is the ideal tool to really torture his sensitive pink hole - we spread his arse wide open and give his sphincter some serious punishment. The agony on this most private area is more than Sergei could ever have imagined - his kicks and struggles become uncontrollable as he breaks down in tears, sobbing and screaming his heart out. After all this, when the massive leather strap comes out, it's no surprise Sergei quickly obeys our order to beg for a fucking. Surely anything must be better than what he's just been through...

SESSION THREE 13 mins 30 sec  |  136 images
Trapped in the stocks, flogged and made to suck cock while being fucked hard in the arse.

After his painful spanking, the last place Sergei wants to be is in the stocks. Legs spread, arse fully exposed for more punishment... and violation. Sergei's lean, sexy body trembles as I work him over with the flogger, making him wince and cry out again and again while Del pinches and yanks his nipples around. As Del has a turn at whipping Sergei, the boy's eyes light up with fear as I slowly undress in front of him, unleashing my rock hard dick. He knows what's in store, and he's clearly terrified. Sergei cringes away as I bring my cock up to his mouth, and tries to avoid tasting it, letting only his lips make contact. So I order him to lick the end, and get his tongue pleasuring every inch, including my piss slit, which is already dripping with pre-cum. I spread Sergei's tight cheeks open and plunge my cock into his arse, but before he has chance to protest, Del is slapping his cock into his mouth. Sergei splutters and chokes as his face, his cheeks, his eyes are filled with long, wet dick. When I've had my fill of Sergei's hot, tight hole, and cleaned my cock off in his mouth, Del steps up and deposits a steaming load of fresh spunk in his face. Wincing in furious disbelief, spitting cum off his lips and shaking it out of his eyes, Sergei has never been humiliated so much in all his life.

SESSION FOUR 6 mins 22 sec  |  124 images
Held in a stress position with a steel anal hook and subjected to some nasty cock torments...

Sergei's body is battered from his beatings and his arse is sore from all the fucking - how much more can this handsome straight guy take? We've gagged and strapped him down to a chair in a humiliating and uncomfortable position, with his miserable flaccid cock mercilessly tied and stretched to its limit. Cowering in fear as I approach, his ordeal is made ten times worse by the introduction of a large steel anal hook. As I rope it tightly to his gag, the hook tugs at his red raw, well fucked hole, making him keep his head well up and remain as still as possible. So what do I do? Make him writhe in pain and yank that anal hook till it practically rips his tight straight hole apart. A stinging dose of my flogger along with extremely intense vibration on his vulnerable balls soon has Sergei panting and squirming. And when I stop, it's only to attach a nasty weighted cock clip, giving him even more pain to concentrate on as I walk away and leave him...

SESSION FIVE 12 mins 43 sec  |  148 images
Dental gagged, cock clipped, facefucked and given a mouthful of hot piss...

This is the stuff of every straight man's worst nightmare. The evil dental gag holds Sergei's mouth wide open, so he's not even able to beg us to stop hurting him - all he can do is sit there and take it, moaning in pain. I pull back his foreskin and give the cock a closer and more humiliating examination than any doctor would, before wanking him to an erection. This is an entertaining headfuck for any heterosexual - and Sergei stares down at his achingly hard dick in utter horror. Our big broom mounted dildo gives him even more to cry about, and he pants and squeals in agony as we cram it up his already abused arsehole. Not content just to stretch his hole open with the large toy, I insist on ramming it all the way home, jabbing him right in the guts. Of course, the little fucker tries to push it out with what's left of his strength, but Del is on hand to make sure the rubber cock stays firmly inside. Every part of Sergei's body is hurting like fuck by now, and his squeals become even more desperate as I clip my favourite cock clips to his feet and foreskin, stretching it to the max. And just when he thought he couldn't be in any more agony - tickle torture. My cruel fingers tickling his most sensitive parts - the soles of his feet, his belly, his thighs - all making him jerk his feet around uncontrollably... putting his cock in a whole new world of pain. All Sergei's suffering has turned me on so much I just have to stick my cock right down his throat - it is so invitingly open, after all. I try involving him in a little game, in which I offer to take off his cock clips if he fucks his own face on my hardon... but he only manages a feeble licking of my piss slit. So I order him to use his feet to yank the clips off himself. And off they come, one by one, each eliciting a scream that could probably be heard for miles. As a final humiliation, Del strolls up, and without ceremony, flops out his enormous cock and pisses right into Sergei's wide open mouth. Soaking wet, covered in urine, sweat and his own anal juices, Sergei is unlikely to forget this ordeal in a hurry.

SERGEI - 5 Sessions  |  56mins 09secs  |  695 Images

After losing money gambling, Sergei's looking for a new career as a model. But this pretty boy doesn't stay pristine for long. Stripped naked, anal whipping, sucking cock in the stocks, vibro-torment and cbt, and a mouthful of hot piss.